Experience the Best Spas in Fort Worth, TX Offering Acupuncture and Alternative Therapies

Are you looking for a spa in Fort Worth, TX that offers acupuncture or other alternative therapies? Look no further! Our team of talented therapists provides massages, facials, body treatments, nail therapies and acupuncture in a modern, organic environment. Injin Kim is a highly experienced acupuncturist who graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1999 and obtained his master's degree in Oriental Medicine in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs at Dongguk University in Los Angeles in 2003. He is devoted to providing the highest quality of care to his patients. At our spa, we are committed to providing a tranquil and invigorating experience for our clients. We use only the finest organic products and the latest techniques to guarantee that you receive the best possible care.

Our team of experienced therapists is devoted to providing a personalized experience that meets your individual needs. We offer a variety of services including massage therapy, facial treatments, body treatments, nail therapies and acupuncture. Our massage therapists are trained in a variety of techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage and more. Our facial treatments are designed to nourish and revitalize your skin while our body treatments are designed to detoxify and rejuvenate your body.

Our nail therapies are designed to nourish and strengthen your nails while our acupuncture treatments are designed to promote healing and balance. At our spa, we believe that everyone deserves to feel their best. We strive to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for our clients. Whether you are looking for a massage, facial treatment, body treatment or acupuncture, we have the perfect solution for you.

Visit us today and experience the best spas in Fort Worth, TX offering acupuncture and alternative therapies!.

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